Journal Club Archive

October 30, 2015

Mari Sosa, Frank Lab
"Of Mice and REM"
Franz Weber et al. 
Control of REM sleep by ventral medulla GABAergic neurons
Nature. 2015. 526:435-438

Philip Sabes
"How the cerebellum sees the eyes"
David J. Herzfeld et al. 
Encoding of action by the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum
Nature. 2015. 526:439-442

November 6, 2015

Claire Tang, Chang Lab
"When your V4 neurons care, but you don’t."
Jalal K. Baruni et al. 
Reward expectation differentially modulates attentional behavior and activity in visual area V4
Nature Neuroscience. 2015. 18:1656-1663

Evan Feinberg
"Attention TRNs off the lights"
Ralf D. Wimmer et al. 
Thalamic control of sensory selection in divided attention
Nature. 2015. 526:705-709

November 13, 2015

Ken Burke, Bender Lab
"Putting the "place" in place cells: In Vivo Synaptic Integration in Hippocampal CA1"
Katie C. Bittner et al. 
Conjunctive input processing drives feature selectivity in hippocampal CA1 neurons 
Nature Neuroscience. 2015. 18:1133-1142
Faculty Coach: Loren Frank

Su Guo
"How does the brain learn? Ask PAPPAA!"
Marc A. Wolman et al. 
A Genome-wide Screen Identifies PAPP-AA-Mediated IGFR Signaling as a Novel Regulator of Habituation Learning
Neuron. 2015. 85:1200-1211

November 20, 2015

Ally Girasole, Nelson Lab
“Worried about holiday weight gain? Try direct pathway stimulation!”
O’Connor et al. 
Accumbal D1R Neurons Projecting to Lateral Hypothalamus Authorize Feeding
Neuron. 2015. 88:553-564
Faculty Coach: Howard Fields

Alexandra Nelson
“Worried about two left feet? Try direct pathway stimulation!”
Rothwell et al. 
Input-and Output-Specific Regulation of Serial Order Performance by Corticostriatal Circuits
Neuron. 2015. 88:345-356

December 4, 2015

Alexandra Clemente, Paz Lab
“Lithium is a helluva drug for some of us”
Mertens et al. 
Differential responses to lithium in hyperexcitable neurons from patients with bipolar disorder
Nature. 2015. 527:95-99
Faculty Coach: Yadong Huang 

Kevin Bender
“PPD just ain’t what it used to be.”
Kawaguchi et al. 
Control of Inhibitory Synaptic Outputs by Low Excitability of Axon Terminals Revealed by Direct Recording
Neuron. 2015. 85:1273-1288

December 11, 2015

Anna Molofsky
“Injured astrocytes becoming neurons: updates on the astrocyte identity crisis”
Magnusson et al. 
A latent neurogenic program in astrocytes regulated by Notch signaling in the mouse 
Science. 2014. 346:237-241

January 8, 2016

Tess Veuthey, Ganguly Lab
“When does motor cortex activity matter?”
Guo et al. 
Cortex commands the performance of skilled movement
eLife 2015;10.7554/eLife.10774
Faculty Coach: Michael Brainard 

Howard Fields
“If you get too excited you’ll wind up depressed”
Shabel et al. 
Mood regulation. GABA/glutamate co-release controls habenula output and is modified by antidepressant treatment
Science. 2014. 345:1494-1498

January 15, 2016

First Year Students Present Fall Rotation Posters

January 22, 2016

Stephanie Holden, Paz Lab
“MGE transplants: an eye-opening experience”
Davis et al. 
Inhibitory Neuron Transplantation into Adult Visual Cortex Creates a New Critical Period that Rescues Impaired Vision
Neuron. 2015. 86:1055-1066
Faculty Coach: Michael Stryker

Loren Frank
“It’s a circuit after all: Manipulations don’t stay where you put them”
Otchy et al. 
Acute off-target effects of neural circuit manipulations
Nature. 2015. 528:358-363

January 29, 2016

Witney Chen, Starr Lab
“From Drugs to Dopamine to Dependence”
Pascoli et al. 
Sufficiency of Mesolimbic Dopamine Neuron Stimulation for the Progression to Addiction
Neuron. 2015. 88:1054-1066
Faculty Coach: Alexandra Nelson

Rose Larios, Alvarez-Buylla Lab
“One Small Stop in SHANK, Two Complex Psychiatric Disorders of Mankind”
Zhou et al. 
Mice with Shank3 Mutations Associated with ASD and Schizophrenia Display Both Shared and Distinct Defects
Nature. 2016. 89:147-162
Faculty Coach: Vikaas Sohal

February 5, 2016

Kate Derosier, Sabes Lab
“Is Syntax Real?”
Ding et al. 
Cortical tracking of hierarchical linguistic structures in connected speech
Nature Neuroscience. 2015. 19:158-164 
Faculty Coach: Edward Chang 

Stefan Lemke, Ganguly Lab
“Do our memories move while we sleep?”
Staresina et al. 
Hierarchical nesting of slow oscillations, spindles and ripples in the human hippocampus during sleep
Nature Neuroscience. 2015. 18:1679-1686
Faculty Coach: Loren Frank

February 19, 2016

Ling Guo, Ganguly Lab
“Learning a skill, focusing on what matters”
Santos et al. 
Corticostriatal dynamics encode the refinement of specific behavioral variability during skill learning
eLife 2015;4:e09423
Faculty Coach: Alexandra Nelson 

Michael Ryan, Nelson Lab
“Dynamic rewiring of neural circuits in the motor cortex in mouse models of Parkinson's disease”
Guo et al. 
Nature Neuroscience. 2015. 18:1299-1309
Faculty Coach: Evan Feinberg

March 4, 2016

Emily Pai, Rubenstein Lab
“E Pluribus Unum?”
Petros et al. 
Apical versus Basal Neurogenesis Directs Cortical Interneuron Subclass Fate
Cell Reports. 2015. 13:1090-1095
Faculty Coach: John Rubenstein/Daniel Vogt 

Vikaas Sohal
“Gamma rhythms pick winners and losers”
Kim et al. 
Prefrontal Parvalbumin Neurons in Control of Attention
Cell. 2016. 164:208-218

March 11, 2016

Nerissa Hoglen, Hasenstaub Lab
“Area X Files: dopamine and vocal learning”
Hoffmann et al. 
Dopaminergic Contributions to Vocal Learning
The Journal of Neuroscience. 2016. 36:2176-2189
Faculty Coach: Alexandra Nelson 

Max Liu, Kreitzer Lab
“A Uniform Dopamine Signal in VTA””
Eshel et al. 
Dopamine neurons share common response function for reward prediction error
Nature Neuroscience. 2016. 19:479-486
Faculty Coach: Howard Fields

March 18, 2016

Lindsay Osso, Chan Lab
“Heterogeneous astrocytes: Baby, we weren’t born this way”
Farmer et al. 
Neurons diversify astrocytes in the adult brain through sonic hedgehog signaling
Science. 2016. 351:849-854
Faculty Coach: Anna Molofsky 

Felice Dunn
“Melanopsin—to see or not to see, that is the question”
Spitschan et al. 
Human Visual Cortex Responses to Rapid Cone and Melanopsin-Directed Flicker
The Journal of Neuroscience. 2016. 36:1471-1482

April 1, 2016

Perry Spratt, Bender Lab
“4-Hz PFC oscillations: The waves of fear”
Karalis et al.
4-Hz oscillations synchronize prefrontal–amygdala circuits during fear behavior
Nature Science. 2016. doi:10.1038/nn.4251
Faculty Coach: Vikaas Sohal

Kaveh Ashrafi
“OMG, its the OGT”

Lagerlöf O1, Slocomb JE2, Hong I3, Aponte Y4, Blackshaw S3, Hart GW5, Huganir RL6.
The nutrient sensor OGT in PVN neurons regulates feeding.
Science. 2016 Mar 18;351(6279):1293-6. doi: 10.1126/science.aad5494.

April 8, 2016

First Year Students Present Winter Rotation Posters

April 22, 2016

Leah Dorman, 1st year student
“Regularly spaced histones getting you down? The epigenetics of stress”
HaoSheng Sun et al.
ACF chromatin-remodeling complex mediates stress-induced depressive-like behavior
Nature Medicine. 2015. 21:1146-1153
Faculty Coach: Ben Cheyette

Ben Mansky, 1st year student
“Thank your lucky scars””
Mark Anderson et al.
Astrocyte scar formation aids central nervous system axon regeneration
Nature. 2016. 532:195-200
Faculty Coach: Anna Molofsky

April 29, 2016

Michael Reitman, 1st year student
“Soluble Aβ makes a meal of synapses”
Hong et al.
Complement and microglia mediate early synapse loss in Alzheimer mouse models
Science. 2016. DOI: 10.1126/science.aad8373
Faculty Coach: Li Gan 

Frances Cho, 1st year student
“A patchy perspective: patching thalamic neurons with patchy PTCHD1”
Wells et al.
Thalamic reticular impairment underlies attention deficit in Ptchd1Y/-mice
Nature. 2016. 532:58-63
Faculty Coach: Vikaas Sohal

May 6, 2016

Trisha Vaidyanathan, 1st year student
“Memory troubles? A SSTory of memory ensemble control”
Stefanelli et al.
Hippocampal Somatostatin Interneurons Control the Size of Neuronal Memory Ensembles
Neuron. 2016. 89:1074-1085
Faculty Coach: Mazen Kheirbek

Hannah Joo, 1st year student
“Twilight, urine, and the horizontal cell: a color mystery”
Joesch et al.
A neuronal circuit for colourvision based on rod-cone opponency
Nature. 2016. 532:236-239
Faculty Coach: Jonathan Horton

May 13, 2016

Selin Schamiloglu, 1st year student
“SIn-aptic inputs to auditory cortex”
Anders Nelson and Richard Mooney
The Basal Forebrain and Motor Cortex Provide Convergent yet Distinct Movement-Related Inputs to the Auditory Cortex
Neuron. 2016. 90:635-648
Faculty Coach: Anatol Kreitzer

Matt McGregor, 1st year student
“Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: UCP2 Regulates Mitochondrial Fission and Ventromedial Nucleus Control of Glucose Responsiveness”
Toda et al.
UCP2 Regulates Mitochondrial Fission and Ventromedial Nucleus Control of Glucose Responsiveness
Cell. 2016. 164:872-883
Faculty Coach: Zack Knight

October 14, 2016

Alexandra Clemente, Paz Lab
“Astrocytes are so basic”
Raimondo et al.
Tight Coupling of Astrocyte pH Dynamics to Epileptiform Activity Revealed by Genetically Encoded pH Sensors
The Journal of Neuroscience. 2016. 36:7002-7013
Faculty Coach: Kira Poskanzer

Evan Feinberg
“Running on MT: decisions without LIP”
Katz et al.
Dissociated functional significance of decision-related activity in the primate dorsal stream
Nature. 2016. 535:285-288

October 21, 2016

Stefan Lemke, Ganguly Lab
“Does premotor cortex drive flexible behavior?”
Siniscalchi et al.
Fast and slow transitions in frontal ensemble activity during flexible sensorimotor behavior
Nature Neuroscience. 2016. 19:1234-1242
Faculty Coach: Flip Sabes

October 28, 2016

Lindsay Osso, Paz Lab
“Calling all Oligodendrocytes: Please Send Lactate ”
Saab et al.
Oligodendroglial NMDA Receptors Regulate Glucose Import and Axonal Energy Metabolism
Neuron. 2016. 91:119-132
Faculty Coach: Ken Nakamura

Kira Poskanzer
“The Brine in the Brain ”
Ding et al.
Changes in the composition of brain interstitial ions control the sleep-wake cycle
Science. 2016. 352:550-555

November 4, 2016

Ken Burke, Bender Lab
“Stressed out in lab? Thinking about binge drinking? Try plan B instead.”
Ostroumov et al.
Stress Increases Ethanol Self-Administration via a Shift toward Excitatory GABA Signaling in the Ventral Tegmental Area
Neuron. 2016. 92:493-504
Faculty Coach: Frederic “Woody” Hopf

Lisa Gunaydin
“Love isn’t everything: the many faces of oxytocin”
Li et al.
A Cortical Circuit for Sexually Dimorphic Oxytocin-Dependent Anxiety Behaviors
Cell. 2016. 167:60-72

November 18, 2016

Perry Spratt, Bender Lab
“Feedforward Inhibition helps you feel better”
Yu et al.
Layer 4 fast-spiking interneurons filter thalamocortical signals during active somatosensation
Nature Neuroscience. 2016. doi:10.1038/nn.4412
Faculty Coach: Massimo Scanziani

Kevin Yackle
“Is the breathing pacemaker the brainstem's master regulator”
Deschênes et al.
Inhibition, Not Excitation, Drives Rhythmic Whisking
Neuron. 2016. 90:374-387

December 2, 2016

Kate Derosier, SabesLab
"Motor Planning, Not Execution, Separates Motor Memories "
Sheahan et al.
Neuron. 2016. 92:773-779

Josh Berke
“A basal ganglia circuit for evaluating action outcomes”
Stephenson-Jones et al.
Nature. 2016. 539:289-293

December 9, 2016

Stephanie Holden, Paz Lab
“Fear not: predictive feedback sets the bar”
Ozawa et al.
A feedback neural circuit for calibrating aversive memory strength
Nature Neuroscience. 2016. doi:10.1038/nn.4439
Faculty Coach: Mazen Kheirbek

Michael Oldham
“seqFISHingthe brain to catch cell types”
Shah et al.
In Situ Transcription Profiling of Single Cells Reveals Spatial Organization of Cells in the Mouse Hippocampus
Neuron. 2016. 92:342-357

January 6, 2017

Matt McGregor, Nelson Lab
“Whisk Together Sensation and Movement”
Sreenivasan et al.
Movement Initiation Signals in Mouse Whisker Motor
Neuron. 2016. 92:1368-1382
Faculty Coach: Massimo Scanziani

January 13, 2017

Ben Mansky, Lim Lab
“Running the Regulatory Relay Race”
Rhee et al.
Expression of Terminal Effector Genes in Mammalian Neurons Is Maintained by a Dynamic Relay of Transient Enhancers
Neuron. 2016. 92:1252-1265
Faculty Coach: John Rubenstein

Hannah Joo, Frank Lab
“We're splitting up. Love, mPFC”
Ye et al.
Wiring and Molecular Features of Prefrontal Ensembles Representing Distinct Experiences
Cell. 2016. 165:1776-1788
Faculty Coach: Lisa Gunaydin

January 27, 2017

Selin Schamiloglu, Kreitzer Lab
“Dopamine, it's about time.”
Soares et al.
Midbrain dopamine neurons control judgment of time
Science. 2016. 354:1273-1277
Faculty Coach: Josh Berke

Jorge Palop
“Don't replace flickering lights!”
Iaccarino et al.
Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia
Nature. 2016. 540:230-235

February 10, 2017

Leah Dorman, Molofsky Lab
“Sleep Selects for Strong Spines via Spikes”
Li et al.
REM sleep selectively prunes and maintains new synapses in development and learning
Nature Neuroscience. 2017 | doi:10.1038/nn.4479
Faculty Coach: Steve Finkbeiner

Robert Edwards
“New Ways to Regulate Presynaptic Calcium"
de Juan-Sanz et al.
Axonal Endoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ Content Controls Release Probability in CNS Nerve Terminals
Neuron. 2017. 93:1.15

February 24, 2017

Trisha Vaidyanathan, Poskanzer Lab
“GABA gettin' you down? Astrocytes can help!"
Perea et al.
Activity-dependent switch of GABAergic inhibition into glutamatergic excitation in astrocyte-neuron networks
Faculty Coach: Jeanne Paz

Frances Cho, Paz Lab
“Microglia make it rain A1 sauce in the brain"
Liddelow et al.
Neurotoxic reactive astrocytes are induced by activated microglia
Nature. 2017. 541:481-487
Faculty Coach: Erik Ullian

March 3, 2017

Michael Reitman, Poskanzer Lab
“Lysosomes are on the go so that spines can grow”
Padamsey et al.
Activity-Dependent Exocytosis of Lysosomes Regulates the Structural Plasticity of Dendritic Spines
Neuron. 2017. 93:132-146
Faculty Coach: Aimee Kao

Saul Villeda
“Choroid Plexus: A window into the aging brain?”
Silva-Vargas et al.
Age-Dependent Niche Signals from the Choroid Plexus Regulate Adult Neural Stem Cells.
Cell Stem Cell. 2016. 5:643-652

March 10, 2017

Simon Pan, Chan Lab
“Size matters for myelination, but is it enough?”
Goebbels et al.
A neuronal PI(3,4,5)P3-dependent program of oligodendrocyte precursor recruitment and myelination
Nature Neuroscience. 2017. 20:10-15
Faculty Coach: Stephen Fancy

Victoria Turner, rotation
“91 Problems But a Refrigerator Mother Ain'tOne”
Stessman et al.
Targeted sequencing identifies 91 neurodevelopmental-disorder risk genes with autism and developmental-disability biases
Nature Genetics. 2017. doi:10.1038/ng.3792
Faculty Coach: Stephan Sanders

March 17, 2017

Sebastian Zahler, rotation
“Top-down gamma-rhythmic signaling regulates food seeking”
Carus-Cadavieco et al.
Gamma oscillations organize top-down signalling to hypothalamus and enable food seeking
Nature. 2017. 542:232-236. doi:10.1038/nature21066
Faculty Coach: Josh Berke

Anatol Kreitzer
“It's about the direction of the projection: divergent cue encoding in PFC”
Otis et al.
Prefrontal cortex output circuits guide reward seeking through divergent cue encoding
Nature. 2017. 543:103-107. doi:10.1038/nature21376

March 24, 2017

Mari Sosa, Frank Lab
“The power of belief”
Starkweather et al.
Dopamine reward prediction errors reflect hidden-state inference across time
Nature Neuroscience. 2017. doi:10.1038/nn.4520

Aimee Kao
“Spitting as if your life depended on it”
Melentijevic et al.
C. elegans neurons jettison protein aggregates and mitochondria under neurotoxic stress
Nature. 2017. 542:367-371. doi:10.1038/nature21362

April 7, 2017

Anna Lipkin, rotation
“Cortex and striatum, you're under Arrest(in)!"
Urs et al.
Distinct cortical and striatal actions of a β-arrestin–biased dopamine D2 receptor ligand reveal unique antipsychotic-like properties
E8178–E8186, doi:10.1073/pnas.1614347113
Faculty Coach: Vikaas Sohal

Jeanne Paz
“A tale of two seizures”
Makinson et al.
Regulation of Thalamic and Cortical Network Synchrony by Scn8a.
Neuron. 2017 93:1165-1179.e6.

April 14, 2017


1st Year Students Present Winter Rotation Posters

April 21, 2017

Lay Kodama, Gan Lab
“The beacons are lit! Astrocytes call, and leukocytes will answer!”
Dickens et al.
Astrocyte-shed extracellular vesicles regulate the peripheral leukocyte response to inflammatory brain lesions
Sci. Signal.04 Apr 2017. DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aai7696
Faculty Coach: Anna Molofsky

Adrienne Thom, rotation
“A startle-inducing tale of the astrocyte and the water witch”
Ma et al.
Neuromodulators signal through astrocytes to alter neural circuit activity and behaviour
Nature. 17 Nov 2016. DOI:10.1038/nature20145
Faculty Coach: Kira Poskanzer

May 5, 2017

Angela Matcham, rotation
Burgess et al.
Hunger-Dependent Enhancement of Food Cue Responses in Mouse PostrhinalCortex and Lateral Amygdala
Neuron 91:952-953. 2017.
Faculty Coach: Massimo Scanziani

Stephan Sanders
"Two copies are better than one.”
Firth et al.
Prevalence and architecture of de novo mutations in developmental disorders
Nature 542:433–438 (23 February 2017) doi:10.1038/nature21062

May 12, 2017

Jonathan Schor, Nelson Lab
“Blink Once If Your Cerebellar Granule Cells Predict Learned Motor Response”
Giovannucci et al.
Cerebellar granule cells acquire a widespread predictive feedback signal during motor learning
Nature Neuroscience 20:727-734. 2017. doi:10.1038/nn.4531
Faculty Coach: Mazen Kheirbek

Marc Turner, rotation
“To pay attention, the MD is a thala-must!”
Schmitt et al.
Thalamic amplification of cortical connectivity sustains attentional control
Nature 2017. doi:10.1038/nature22073
Faculty Coach: Jeanne Paz

May 19, 2017

Zak Doric, rotation
“You won't believe how this one weird trick helps mitochondria deal with stress!”
Lin et al.
Releasing SyntaphilinRemoves Stressed Mitochondria from Axons Independent of Mitophagyunder Pathophysiological Conditions
Neuron 94:595-610. 2017.​
Faculty Coach: Ken Nakamura

Dev Manoli
“Parting and Parenting”
Bendesky​ et al.
The genetic basis of parental care evolution in monogamous mice
Nature 544:434-439. 2017 | doi:10.1038/nature22074​