NS200: Introduction to Neuroscience, Essential Concepts & Methods (Bootcamp)

This course will include lectures on basic methods used for neuroscience research, laboratories that demonstrate these methods and conferences that discuss their applicability and caveats. The course is designed to prepare our entering students for laboratory rotations and the core course. The material presented should also help them understand seminars and journal clubs.
Director: Eric Huang
Materials can be accessed here.

September 2016

Thursday, September 1
Time: 1PM-2PM, MH-2100
Topic: Neuroscience Program Introduction
Instructor: Roger Nicoll

Time: 2PM-2:30PM, MH-2100
Graduate Advisor Meet and Greet
Graduate Advisors

Time: 2:30PM-4PM, MH-2100
Topic: Student Orientation
Student Leaders: Faten Sayed, Jiggy Athilingam and Ally Girasole

Time: 4PM-6PM
Student Hapy Hour

Friday, September 2
Time: 9AM-12PM; 1PM-5PM, MH-2100
Topic: Genetics
Student Leader: Ben Mansky

Monday, September 5
Labor Day

Tuesday, September 6
Time: 9AM-12PM; MH-2100
Topic: Molecular Biology/Biochemistry
Student Leader: John King

Time: 12PM-1PM; MH-2100
Faculty/Student Lunch

Time: 1PM-5PM; MH-2100
Topic: Molecular Biology/Biochemistry
Student Leader: John King

Wednesday, September 7
Time: 9AM-11AM; MH-2110
Topic: Histology Lecture
Student Leader: Duncan Leitch

Time: 11AM-12:30PM MH-2110
Topic: Histology Lab Demo
Student Leader: Racheli Wercberger

Thursday, September 8
Time: 10AM-12PM; MH-2110
Topic: Imaging
Instructor: Evan Feinberg

Time: 12PM-1PM; MH-2110
Topic: NeuWrite/CTOR Student Lunch
Student Leader: Nerissa Hoglen

Time: 1PM-5PM; MH-2110
Topic: Imaging - Demo/Tour
Leaders: Jenna Whippen, Kira Poskanzer

Monday, September 12
Time: 8:30AM-10:30AM; MH-2110
Topic: In vitro E-phy Lecture
Instructor: Alexandra Nelson

Time: 1PM-5PM; Sandler 4th Floor (Nelson/Bender Labs)
Topic: In vitro E-phy Demo
Student Leaders: Ken Burke, Ally Girasole

Tuesday September 13
Time: 9AM-12PM; Sandler 238
Topic: In vivo Ephys/Computation
Student Leaders: Ryan Morrill, Tom Roseberry

Time: 1PM-5PM; Sandler 238
Topic: In vivo Ephys/Computation
Student Leaders: Kate Derosier, Jeff Knowles

Wednesday, September 14
Time: 9AM-11AM; MH-2110
Topic: Behavior Lecture Pt. 1
Instructor: Lisa Gunaydin

Time: 11AM-12PM; Gladstone
Topic: Behavior Gladstone Tour
Leaders: Gladstone Behavior Core (Iris & Jeff)

Time: 12PM-1PM; MH-2110
Faculty/Student Lunch
First Years & Systems Neuroscience Faculty

Time: 1:30PM-3PM; Sandler 4th Floor (Nelson Lab)
Topic: Behavior Demo
Leader: Ally Girasole

Thursday, September 15
Time: 9AM-12PM; MB CC-161
Topic: Intro to Programming
Student Leaders: Nerissa Hoglen, Kate Derosier

Friday, September 16
Time: 10AM-12PM; MH-2110
Topic: NS201A Primer
Student Leader: Jenna Whippen

Time: 12PM-1PM; MH-2110
Topic: Wrap Up Survey
Student Leader: Jiggy Athilingam

Time: 5PM-7PM; MH-2110
Happy Hour with 1st year students, student advisors, bootcamp leaders