NS219/BMS270: Thalamocortical circuit in health and disease

Course Description: Thalamocortical circuits mediate attention, perception, sensation, consciousness and rhythm generation. Disruption in these circuits is involved in neurologic disorders such as epilepsy and psychiatric disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and schizophrenia. The goal of this mini-course will be to provide intense exposure to functions of the thalamocortical loops from the synapse to the circuit, and to how these functions are altered in disease. Lectures will be combined with a review of recent scientific advances in the field or a patient clinic conference. At the end of this course, students should have a fundamental understanding of the basic physiology and pathophysiology of the thalamocortical circuits, and current tools and approaches used to study these circuits.

 Course Directors: Eric Huang and Jeanne Paz

For your study list please use:
NS 219, 3 units, Director: Eric Huang, Grade option: S/U

Course Schedule:

Tuesday, May 16
Time: 1PM-3PM, GH-S202
Instructor: Jeanne Paz
1. Introduction: Thalamus and Thalamocortical circuits: what you need to know
2. Thalamocortical Rhythmogenesis in Sleep

Wednesday, May 17
Time: 1PM-3PM, MH-2108
Topic: Thalamocortical Rhythmogenesis in Focal and Generalized Epilepsies
Instructor: Jeanne Paz

Thursday, May 18
Time: 1PM-3PM, MH-2108
Topic: Development of specificity in thalamocortical connections: signals and effectors.
Instructor: Michael Stryker

Tuesday, May 23
Time: 1PM-3PM, MH-2108
Topic: Thalamocortical Circuits in Motor Control
Instructor: Anatol Kreitzer

Wednesday, May 24
Time: 1:30PM-3:30PM, MH-2108
Topic: Thalamocortical Circuits in Psychiatric Disorders
Instructor: Vikaas Sohal

Mike Halassa’s recent paper
and the accompanying paper from Christoph Kellendonk & Josh Gordon:
You need to:
1.       Be prepared to discuss both papers (i.e. present figures)
2.       Think of 1 question related to each paper
3.       Determine whether the two papers show fundamentally similar or dissimilar functions for MD-PFC connectivity, and speak to what that function is.

Thursday, May 25
Time: 1PM-3PM, MH-2108
Topic: Thalamocortical Circuits in Human Epilepsy
Instructor: Roberta Cilio
Neurobiology of Disease
Neurology Video EEG
Plos Burst-suppression Natia

Tuesday, May 30
Time: 1PM-3PM, GH-S202
Topic: Development of Thalamocortical Circuits: glial neuronal interactions
Instructor: Anna Molofsky

Wednesday, May 31
Time: 10AM-12PM, MH-2108
Topic: Neurodegeneration in the thalamocortical circuit in FTD
Instructor: Eric Huang


Thursday, June 1
Time: 1PM-3PM, MH-2108
Topic: Frontotemporal Dementia
Instructor: Suzee Lee