NS221: Current Topics in Neuroscience

Director: Eric Huang and NS Faculty

Time: Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00pm
Location: GH-S202


October 5, 2016
Student Presenter: All 3rd year students
Selected Paper: Astrocytes Assemble Thalamocortical Synapses by Bridging NRX1a and NL1 via Hevin
Formal Seminar Speaker: Cagla Eroglu
Faculty Host: Anna Molofsky

October 12, 2016
Student Presenter: All 3rd year students
Selected Paper: Mutual antagonism between Sox10 and NFIA regulates diversification of glial lineages and glioma subtypes
Formal Seminar Speaker: Benjamin Deneen
Faculty Host: Jonah Chan

October 26, 2016
Student Presenter: Kate Derosier
Selected Paper: TBD
Formal Seminar Speaker: Asif Ghazanfar
Faculty Host: Edward Chang


November 29, 2016 - Genentech Hall, room N114
Student Presenter: Perry Spratt
Selected Paper: Poly(GR) in C9ORF72-Related ALS/FTD Compromises Mitochondrial Function and Increases Oxidative Stress and DNA Damage in iPSC-Derived Motor Neurons
Formal Seminar Speaker: Fen-Biao Gao
Faculty Host: Eric Huang

December - No sessions


January 11, 2017
Student Presenter: Michael Ryan
Selected Paper 1: Bienek-Dickson
Selected Paper 2: Josephs-Dickson
Reference Paper 1: Koga-Dickson
Reference Paper 2: Lewis-Dickson
Formal Seminar Speaker: Dennis Dickson
Faculty Host: Ken Nakamura

January 25, 2017
Time: 2:00-3:00pm, GH-S202
Student Presenter: Stefan Lemke
Selected Paper: Circadian neuron feedback controls the Drosophila sleep–activity profile
Formal Seminar Speaker: Michael Rosbash
Faculty Host: Ying-Hui Fu

No class sessions in February


March 1, 2017
Student Presenter: Rose Larios
Selected Paper: Mutations in Human Accelerated Regions Disrupt Cognition and Social Behavior
Formal Seminar Speaker: Chris Walsh
Faculty Host: John Rubenstein

March 8, 2017
Student Presenter: Ling Guo
Selected Paper 1: Long 2016
Selected Paper 2: Picardo 2016
Formal Seminar Speaker: Michael Long
Faculty Host: Michael Brainard


April 12, 2017
Student Presenter: Emily Pai
Selected Paper: Regulation of chromatin accessibility and Zic binding at enhancers in the developing cerebellum
Formal Seminar Speaker: Anne West
Faculty Host: Sam Pleasure

April 19, 2017
Student Presenter: Witney Chen
Selected Paper: Arousal and Locomotion Make Distinct Contributions to Cortical Activity Patterns and Visual Encoding
Formal Seminar Speaker: Jess Cardin
Faculty Host: Vikaas Sohal

April 26, 2017
Student Presenter: Max Liu
Selected Paper: Single-Cell RNA-Seq with Waterfall Reveals Molecular Cascades underlying Adult Neurogenesis
Formal Seminar Speaker: Hongjun Song
Faculty Host: Mazen Kheirbek


May 3, 2017
Student Presenter: Lindsay Osso
Selected Papers: 
A High-Resolution Imaging Approach to Investigate Chromatin Architecture in Complex Tissues
Systemic Delivery of MeCP2 Rescues Behavioral and Cellular Deficits in Female Mouse Models of Rett Syndrome
Formal Seminar Speaker: Gail Mandel
Faculty Host: Lily Jan

May 10, 2017 - CANCELLED

May 17, 2017
Student Presenter: Nerissa Hoglen
Selected Paper: Flexible Near-Field Wireless Optoelectronics as Subdermal Implants for Broad Applications in Optogenetics.
Distinct Subpopulations of Nucleus Accumbens Dynorphin Neurons Drive Aversion and Reward.
Formal Seminar Speaker: Michael Bruchas
Faculty Host: Mazen Kheirbek

May 24, 2017
Student Presenter: Stephanie Holden
Selected Paper: Assembly of functionally integrated human forebrain spheroids
Formal Seminar Speaker: Sergiu Pasca
Faculty Host: Anna Molofsky