Dorit Ron, PhD


Signal Transduction, Molecular Neurobiology of Addiction

We use molecular biology, biochemistry and electrophysiology, in parallel with behavioral models, to study how normal signaling processes are altered upon exposure of rodents to alcohol and drugs of abuse, and how these changes lead to the development, maintenance or the prevention of addiction.

Current Projects

  1. Identifying the function of the growth factors BDNF, GDNF and IGF1 in the CNS and in alcohol abuse disorders.
  2. Determining the role of the mTor in aberrant synaptic plasticity induced by drugs of abuse.
  3. Identifying the role of tyrosine kinases and phosphatases in alcohol abuse disorders.
  4. Determining the role of the NMDA receptor in alcohol-mediated plasticity in the dorsal striatum.
  5. Exploring the role of scaffolding proteins in the CNS and in alcohol abuse disorders.
  6. Epigenetic mechanisms and addiction.
  7. Identifying the role of HSP90 in alcohol abuse disorders.

Lab Members

Nadege Morrisot
Postdoctoral Fellow

Sophie Laguesse
Postdoctoral Fellow

Samuel Sakhai
Postdoctoral Fellow

Anna Fiorenza
Postdoctoral Fellow

Benjamin Dorn
Neuroscience Graduate Student

Khanhky Phamluong
Staff Research Associate

Ji Hwan Yu

Caitlin Castagnola

Dana Kennedy

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