Advancing Neuroscience
Our students and faculty work collaboratively and across departments to address outstanding problems in neuroscience.
Excellence in Training
Students work intensively with faculty members to conduct research in groundbreaking areas.
Neuroscience Pioneers
Our faculty are among the world leaders in their respective areas of neuroscience.
Congratulations, Michael Stryker!
2023 recipient of the Ralph W. Gerard Prize in Neuroscience. The award -- the highest honor bestowed by the Society for Neuroscience -- recognizes an outstanding scientist who has made significant contributions to neuroscience throughout their career.

Welcome to Neuroscience

The University of California, San Francisco offers an interdisciplinary program for graduate training in neuroscience. The purpose of this program is to train doctoral students for independent research and teaching in neuroscience. Participation in Neuroscience Program activities does not require membership in the Neuroscience Program. The program welcomes attendance of all interested UCSF faculty, students and other trainees at its retreat, seminars and journal club.
Our program seeks to train students who will be expert in one particular approach to neuroscientific research, but who will also have a strong general background in other areas of neuroscience and related disciplines. To achieve this objective, our students take interdisciplinary core and advanced courses in neuroscience, as well as related courses sponsored by other graduate programs. In addition, they carry out research under the supervision of faculty members in the program.