Neuroscience Formal Seminar
Every Thursday, the faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows in the Neuroscience Program sponsor a formal seminar by a nationally or internationally renowned neurobiologist. The speakers are chosen to represent all areas of Neurobiology and include scientists at many different stages in their careers. The program makes a special effort to include scientists who have followed different paths in developing their careers. For example, in addition to speakers from large research-focused universities, the series includes speakers from smaller universities and colleges as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The visiting lecturer spends two days at UCSF, during which he or she discusses scientific issues with professors. With students and postdoctoral fellows, the speaker is available to discuss both science and career choices. This formal seminar series provides an opportunity for the entire program membership from the molecular to the systems neuroscientist to remain informed about advances in this exciting field.

External Postdoc Seminar Program (EPSP)
The EPSP offers a first look at up-and-coming Bay Area postdocs about to go on the job market. Selected candidates will give a talk to the UCSF neuroscience community and have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with UCSF faculty. 

Informal Seminars
Neuroscience program faculty and departments sponsor numerous informal seminars throughout the year. Speakers are invited directly by the host. The Neuroscience program announces these seminars via email and the website.

RIPS (Research in Progress Talks)
Neuroscience students in years 4 and higher are required to present their current research. Format:

  • Informal 20 minute talks + 5 minutes questions
  • Chalk talk or short Power Point presentation (~15 slides)
  • Include Background/Context/Rationale to your project (~5 min)
  • Data Presentation (~10 min)
  • Future Directions/Discussion (~5 min)
  • Questions/Suggestion from Audience (~5 min)

RIPS are perfect for learning what your colleagues are doing in the lab as well as participating in lively discussions of issues relating to the nervous system. They're also a great time to catch up with friends and colleagues.

KAVLI Faculty Seminar
UCSF Neuroscience faculty members give bi-weekly research talks. These talks are open to faculty, students and postdocs.

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