Neuroscience Faculty Candidate Seminar | Walter G. Gonzalez, PhD

August 18, 2022
11:00 am


Abstract: How do networks of neurons across multiple brain areas coordinate their activity to ensure accurate learning, maintain stable memories, and efficiently recall behaviorally relevant information? More importantly, how do these neurons adapt their activity to overcome noise and ensure the persistence of a behavior? Answers to these questions are fundamental to developing a framework describing brain function and the mechanisms underlying neurological disorders. In this talk, I will present the use of custom calcium imaging and electrophysiological approaches to monitor large-scale neuronal activity in freely moving mice and songbirds. Results from these studies reveal how spatial representations are encoded among distributed hippocampal neurons and how noise affects the transfer of information between cortical neurons controlling vocal behavior. I will also highlight how these technologies can be complemented with machine learning techniques to interface brain and behavior and decipher the role of sleep in the maintenance of information.