Guidelines for 1st Year Students Travel Reimbursement

The NS Program will provide each first year student with a $500 travel allowance. These funds may be used for anything related to attending the meeting: airfare, meeting registration, lodging, food, etc. These funds must be spent by June 30, 2019, the end of the fiscal year. After that the funds are no longer available to you, as we will be in a new fiscal year with a new budget (the budgets do not carry over from year to year).

You may request a travel advance up to $500 and indicate the name of the conference/meeting that you will be attending and what the funds will be used for (ie. registration, lodging, airfare). Please let Lucita know and she will process this. Retain all of your receipts! After the travel, you must submit all the receipts to Lucita via email only within 2 weeks! 

All Neuroscience 1st year students must add Lucita as a delegate in MyExpense (via MyAccess) for travel advance and reimbursements. Follow these steps in adding her. In MyExpense, click on the “profile” tab; click on “Profile Settings”; Expense Delegates”; click “Add Delegate”; type my name in the search box; check all the boxes except for “Receives Email, Receives Approval Emails” and click “save”.