Karunesh Ganguly, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Neuroprosthetics, motor rehabilitation, and plasticity

The motor network is a highly adaptive and distributed system of interconnected cortical and subcortical areas. We aim to take a systems level perspective to understand motor learning/control under normal as well as pathological conditions such as stroke.  Recordings from intact animals support the conceptual framework for cortical processing such as synchronized oscillations, propagating waves of depolarization and cross-area inhibitions as playing a role in normal control.  How areas are recruited and whether these same conceptual frameworks are important for the process of creating reliable neuroprosthetics as well as for motor recovery after injury remains incompletely understood.  Using in vivo electrophysiological tools, we aim to characterize the network basis of recovery.  We also hope to use this information to create interfaces that can improve function.

Current Projects

  • Online and offline processing in motor cortex during neuroprosthetic learning
  • Offline processing during natural motor skill acquisition
  • Cortical basis of recovery after stroke or traumatic brain injury
  • Muscle synergies and stroke rehabilitation

Lab Members

Tanuj Gulati, PhD  - Postdoctoral Fellow
Dhaksin Ramanathan, MD PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow,  Psychiatry
Adelyn Tsu, DO - Postdoctoral Fellow,  Neurology
Lydia Reznichenko, PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow
Nikhilesh Natraj, PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow
Seek Joon Won, PhD -Assistant Professor (with R. Swanson)
Doug Totten, PhD – Postdoctoral Fellow
Tess Veuthey, BS -  Neuroscience Graduate Student, MSTP
Ling Guo, BS - Neuroscience Graduate Student
Stefan Lemke, BS - Neuroscience Graduate Student
April Hishinuma, BS - Research Assistant
Anitha Bodepudi - Intern

Lab Website


Academic community service and committee membership:

NS Admissions committee, NS Student Advisors/Student Progress committee, First-year advisor, Hosted 2 SRTP students, IACUC Committee, SFVA, Advancement and Promotions Committee, Neurology Admissions Committee, Joint Bioengineering Graduate Program