Vijay Mohan K Namboodiri, PhD

Assistant Professor

Research in the Namboodiri lab will focus on the biological algorithms and neuronal network mechanisms underlying associative learning, memory and decision-making. We will conduct this research in mice as an animal model. In addition to investigating these processes at a basic level, we are especially interested in understanding how these mechanisms go awry in diseases such as addiction. Lastly, we are also interested in developing theoretical and computational models of associative learning and decision-making.

We will employ a variety of approaches to tackle these challenging questions. These include 1) development of mouse behavioral tasks and measurements, 2) longitudinal activity tracking of large networks of neurons using two-photon calcium imaging, 3) optogenetics combined with behavior and imaging, 4) machine learning and multidimensional data analyses, 5) molecular biology, 6) ex vivo electrophysiology and 7) theoretical and computational modeling.

Current projects will focus on the role of OFC circuits in associative learning and decision-making in health and disease (primarily addiction). We will investigate the nature of information stored in different OFC circuits and ascertain how these types of information are used by animals to guide their behavior driven by both natural rewards and drugs of abuse.

Lab Members

PI: Vijay Mohan K Namboodiri

Junior Specialist: Mingkang Zhou

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