Preparing to Graduate

When a student successfully completes the required program curriculum and receives approval from the thesis committee, they may prepare to graduate. Following is an overview of the steps to graduation.

  1. Approval to Write Thesis and Graduate. The thesis committee chair must email the program administrators indicating approval for the student to write the thesis and graduate.
  2. Neuroscience Program Requirements. The student should make sure their transcripts are in order, that they have no incomplete grades and that they have completed the required courses.
  3. Filing Fee Registration. Students in their final quarter in the program should discuss with their PI the option of registering on Filing Fee status in their final quarter in the program. This is a reduced cost registration option for students who are graduating.

NOTES regarding filing fee:

  • Filing fee registration is requested by the beginning of the quarter it is to take effect. Please note registration deadlines.
  • Students who are on filing fee must be paid by non-payroll stipend. This may require a change in a student’s payment setup in the final quarter.
  • Students will lose gym membership.
  • Students must enroll in UCSF health insurance UCSHIP (health coverage is unchanged).
  • Filing fee is a one-time option. If a student does not graduate while on filing fee, they will simply register as usual for the next quarter.
  • Students on filing fee do not file a study list.
  1. Thesis Guidelines. Thesis formatting, submission and approval are managed by the UCSF Graduate Division. Please be sure to follow the guidelines and deadlines for submission. Note that when submitting the thesis, students may want to request a letter from the Graduate Division stating that they have completed the PhD. This would be useful if the student is taking a position that requires proof of degree conferral.
  2. Thesis Seminar. Writing of the thesis must be completed before the student may give the thesis seminar. Program administrators assist with room reservations and advertising the talk. Please email date/time/preferred room and title of the seminar to program administrators.
  3. Next Steps. Students should notify the program administrators of their post-graduation plans (i.e., postdoc position (institution, lab), a job in industry (company, position title), staying on in thesis lab temporarily, or something else (please elaborate).
  4. Termination of Student Pay. Students should work with their PI to determine the termination date of student stipend and should notify the program administrator as soon as this information is available.
  5. Questions? Need Help? Please contact the program administrators!