Requirements by Year


In the first year of the program, students enrolled in the Neuroscience Graduate Program will:

  • Complete core courses designed to fill gaps in the general biological or physical science background of each student, to provide broadly based training in neuroscience, and to provide intensive training in the particular area in which a student plans to carry out research.
  • Complete three laboratory rotations (MSTP NS students complete 2 lab rotations).
  • Attend and present in Journal Club.
  • Apply for the NSF fellowship.
  • Select a thesis laboratory.

In the second year, students will:

  • Begin research in their thesis laboratories.
  • Complete statistics and ethics training courses, and elective courses. (Neuroscience students complete 4 elective courses; 3 for MSTP Neuroscience students.)
  • Attend and present in Journal Club.
  • Serve as teaching assistants.
  • Take the qualifying examination (at the end of the 2nd year/beginning of 3rd year) and advance to candidacy.
  • Attend program activities such as weekly Research in Progress talks and Formal Seminars.

Senior students focus primarily on their thesis research and dissertation and meet with the thesis committee at least annually. They also present their research at the weekly Research in Progress seminars and present at Journal Club and attend Formal Seminars. Senior students may take additional elective courses and participate in a wide range of NS program activities.